About Me

Hi! My name is Marc Jackson Jr.. I’m from Seattle Washington. My hobbies are shooting guns and tinkering with muscle cars. I was commissioned in to the Operation Iraqi Freedom in the late 2004 and few months later I got injured in the service. I was first flown in to hospital in Germany and from there back to the US. Due to the severity of my injuries, I wasn’t able to move a lot in the recovering period which lasted for a few years. I gained close to 60 pounds during that time period and I didn’t feel really comfortable carrying that extra weight. I started experiencing with different sort of diets and ended up with the Paleo diet as it foremost suits my taste. I couldn’t be a vegetarian as I used to think that potato was a vegetable but now I’ve gotten used to eating real fresh vegetables every day, with every meal. I’ve dropped all the sugar and grains out of my plate and it really did the trick. I started to loose the pounds with in weeks of beginning and I restored my prewar condition with in a year. I’m currently employed as in the Boeing factory here in Washington. I mostly sit in the office and smash the keyboard in there so it isn’t really a healthy job. On spare time I’m trying to move as much as possible. I go running four times a week and I walk our dog around the neighborhood every day. I wish that my work was closer to home that I could run there. It would be really nice to have some real beneficial exercise as well apart from jogging around with the sports tracker singing the lap times in to my ear.

In this blog I will be telling you about the healthy way of life that worked for me and how you can implement it in your own life. It does take some courage to step up and to take action but it’ll be worth it, believe it or not.

Have a nice day thinking about your health!

-Marc Jackson Jr.


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